Nettor Petti - Traditional Wooden Kerala Jewellery Box With Brass Fittings - L 25 cm x W 19 cm x H 20 cm

Nettoor Petti - Kerala’s traditional jewel box is a symbol of prosperity with the most exquisite brass ornamental work then painted with vegetable oil in vibrant hues of orange with the traditional motifs and is a collectors item showing off a mix of beauty, grace and the aristocratic culture of its time.

Handcrafted in wood and brass umbrella shaped nails and a locking facility by the most skilled artisans and where each part is handmade with precision, this ethnic jewellery box is one of a kind and was once the mark of aristocracy in Kerala, South India and is a heritage item to pass on to the genext.

The Nettoor petti is designed according to the Kerala ” Vasthu Shastryam ” meant to attract the prosperous things in the universe towards the box and was used to keep the most precious jewellery and gold coins owned only by upper class communities since it was considered a luxury item.

 Measures :

Length 25 cm x Width 19 cm x Height 20 cm  

Weight : 1.90 kilograms