Vintage Wooden Grain Seeder | Candle Holder With Engravings of Lord Ganesh & Nandi Bull - H 11cm x Dia 14cm

Hand crafted Vintage Wooden Seeder used by Indian farmers for sowing seeds in the fields.. More than 60 years old, this handmade seeder is crafted from a single block of wood and engraved with figures of Lord Ganesha and the Holy cow for ensuring a good crop. 

Carved by tribal artisans from Rajasthan in wood with beautiful motifs and design seen all over the seeder with a dark brown patina finish, it makes for a exquisite decor piece and as a candle holder. 


Height 11cm x Dia 14cm with  Base of seeder 15 cm x 15 cm 

Weight: 1100 grams

Note: Image showing the use of a seeder is courtesy of Google pics.