Vintage Wine Storage Wooden Cabinet With Brass Inlay Work - 36 cm x 23 cm

Exquisite wooden cabinet displaying the fine craft of brass inlay by skilled artisans of Rajasthan following century old traditions. 

This wine cabinet with 4 compartments is hand crafted from "Sheesham" wood with a curved top and brass handles on the sides with a locking arrangement to keep your wines or beverages safe. 

The delicate inlay work is hand cut with fine tools from thin brass sheets and then nailed onto the wood providing a rich and royal look to the box. 


Height - 36 cm / Height of box when open - 50 cm 

Width and depth of box - 23 cm  x 23 cm 

Each of the 4 compartments measure: 9.5 cm x 9.5 cm 

Weight - 3050 Grams 

Care: Please try to keep the box in a dry place.