Vintage Wooden Coconut Scraper From Chettinad, South India - L 42 cm x W 13 cm x H15 cm

The vintage coconut scraper from Cettinadu brings will take you to a bygone era of gracious living and represents a slice of chettiars’ rich cultural heritage, remarkable taste for good food , regal lifestyle, art and architecture.

The antique coconut scraper shown in the picture is beautifully carved out of a single block of wood with engravings with two main aspects. A wooden seating arrangement with one side ending with a bowl scooped out of the same wood. 

The pedestal for the raised platform is also carved out of the same single wood called peetha in Sanskrit to which an iron rod in the shape of a serpent with raised hood is attached. The hood part is the actual scraper in the shape of a circular disk with serrated edges and is positioned in such a way that the coconut scrapings fall in the wooden bowl located directly underneath.

To grate the coconut the operator sits on the peeta and by holding one section of the coconut from the hard shell side in her hand, places the meat side of the coconut on the grater disk and gives rotating motions on the grater disk allowing the gratings of the coconut directly fall into the built in wooden bowl .

Measures: Length 42 cm x Width 13 cm x Height 5 cm 

Weigth : 850 grams