Vintage Wooden Printing Block With Floral Design - L 20 cm x W 21 cm x H 8 cm

This is an exquisitely handmade and handengraved wooden printing block with a floral pattern crafted from a single block of wood with a handle at the back to hold while pressing onto the fabric.

The block is crafted from local dark mango wood by artisans from Rajasthan, North of India and also found in the region of Kutch, Gujarat where the practice of block printing on fabric is still prevalent as per century old traditions with the use of natural colours and dyes.

DIY - If you want to use this on fabric, use fabric colours and dyes, dip the entire block face down taking off the excess colour and press it firmly on the fabric and repeat alongside the earlier one depending on the design you want to create.

Use it as a printing block or just as a home decor collectible.

Measures: Length 20 cm x Width 21 cm x Height 8 cm

Weight: 550 grams