Vintage Traditional Wooden Sandals | Khadau - Length 25 cm x Height 10 cm x Width 9.5 cm

Perhaps one of the oldest form of footwear worn by men and women across many Asian countries like India, Middle East and China, the wooden Khadau were traditionally worn by saints and priests.

Saints believed that electric currents flowing in the body are absorbed by the earth due to gravity. They also knew that wood was an insulator for electricity. Therefore, to save the biological potency, our ancestors crafted beautiful wooden slippers, which featured a toe section for added comfort.

This pair of Khadau or Wooden Slippers are more than 50 years old and are handcrafted and engraved and features minimalistic design by artisans from the state of Madhya Pradesh with a nail like thumb holder for keeping the foot in place and wedge for height.
As this pair is a universal adult size, they can be worn by adult men and women.

Measures: Length 25 cm x Height 10 cm x Width 9.5 on top and 6.5 cm at the bottom.

Weight of the pair : 500 grams