Vira Ganapati - Handcrafted Brass Sculpture Of The Valiant Lord Ganesha With 16 Hands - Ht 16 cm x W 10 cm

Vira Ganapati - The Valiant form of Lord Ganesha with 16 hands and his vahan ( vehicle) , the mouse.

Lord Ganesh in this magnificient brass sculpture is depicted in a standing posture displaying strength and power with his authentic armoury of weapons, which include goad, banner, bow and arrow, goblin, discus, sword, shield, large hammer, spear, sword, axe, trident, noose, mace and chakra.     

It is believed that Vira Ganapati vanquishes both ignorance and evil.

Ganesha ( गणेश), also known as Ganapati, Vinayaka and Binayak, is one of the best-known and most worshiped and beloved deities in the Hindu pantheon. Although known by many attributes, Ganesha is widely revered as the remover of obstacles, the patron of arts and sciences and the God of intellect and wisdom. 

Measures: 16 cm tall and 10 cm in width . Pedestal measures 8 cm x 5 cm. 

Weight : 960 grams