Traditional Tibetan Style Copper Incense Burner With Peacocks and Chains - L 42 cm x W 15 cm

Traditional ritual incense burner used for Sang offerings as per the Tibetan tradition. Sang is a mild yet full of aroma Incense made of Juniper and many other mountain herbs and tree barks.

Smoke escapes through the beautifully crafted vented lid with the peacocks, creating a beautiful effect. 

Hand Crafted in India displaying intricate designs on the lid and the sides with the royal emblem and 4 peacocks, the incense burner can be carried while walking around or can be hung or kept in one place with the chains and hook provided or kept on any surface without damaging it with the heat. 

You may use it to burn cone incense, powders, resins, cubes, herbs, and charcoal. Just open the lid and close it after burning the incense. 

Measures: Length with 4 chains 42 cm x Width 15 cm 

Height of only burner without chains : 17 cm . Length of each chain is 30 cm

Weight : 600 grams

Note: Please remember to put sand on the bottom of the burner before adding your incense as the metal can get hot. Please do not leave any burning items unattended.

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