Handcrafted Brass Peacock Incense Burner On a 3 legged Tortoise Stand

This is an exquisite Incense holder hand casted in solid brass by artisans from Uttar Pradesh.

The base of the box sits on a three legged tortoise brass stand. The base is used to light the Dhoop ( Dhoop is the cone incense ) and once lit , it is covered with the lid to spread the fragrance of the flavored incense all around the room. 

The lid is a masterpiece with an intricate design and is decorated with a beautiful handcrafted peacock in brass. The holes in the lid can be used to light the Agar bati         ( incense sticks) by standing the same into the holes.. This brass stand may also be used as a candle stand or and oil lamp with a wick dipped in oil.

Measurements: Height 4.5" high when closed with lid X 6" wide from tortoise head to leg. The flat base inside is 4" in diameter. 

Weight : 850 grams. 

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