Vintage Pooja Karandi - A Kerala Tradition For Religious Rituals. Length 28 cm x Diameter 16 cm

Vintage Pooja Karandi - A Kerala Heritage.

Pooja Karandi" is a term in Malayalam where "Pooja" refers to a religious ritual or worship, and "Karandi" means vessel or large round spoon shaped container with a long handle.

As per tradition and religious practices, the Pooja Karandi is used for offering various items during worship and is commonly used to hold items such as water, milk, ghee (clarified butter), flowers, incense, and other sacred substances that are offered to deities or used in the ritualistic worship.

Considered an essential item in Hindu rituals as it symbolizes purity and devotion, it is often decorated with flowers and diyas during the worship ceremony.


Length with handle : 28 cm x Diameter 16 cm

Weight: 250 grams 

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