Brass Lota, Drinking Water Vessel In Dark Brown Patina. Ht 13 cm x Dia 8 cm

A Glimpse into Tradition and the rich Indian heritage.

Crafted by skilled artisans from the heart of South India, this Vintage Brass Lota is a testament to the enduring artistry passed down through generations with its dark brown patina lending it an air of mystique, while its sculptural form evokes the charm of the mid-century era.

Brass Lotas have played a pivotal role in Indian culture for centuries. Traditionally used to store and serve water, embodying a deep-rooted tradition of purity and also used for cleansing rituals, where water was poured over the hands and feet.

For generations, Indians drank water from brass pots, considering brass to be an ideal medium for storing and drinking water. This practice was not only a reflection of tradition but also a commitment to healthy living.

Now, used as exquisite vases, filled with fresh flowers, they become a captivating center piece, marrying tradition with contemporary aesthetics.

Size: Height 13 cm x Diameter of mouth is 8 cm with a circumference of 46 cm .

Weight: 950 grams

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