Magnificent Brass Sculpture Of Deep Lakshmi Standing On An Elephant . Height 30 cm

Magnificent brass sculpture of Hindu Goddess Deep Lakshmi standing atop and exquisitely crafted elephant .

An auspicious element in Hindu tradition, The Deepalakshmi is a representation of the Goddess Lakshmi, holding a lamp or a 'deep' (diya) in her hands and protected by the 5 headed Naag. 

Traditionally featuring a lamp that is lit using cotton wicks dipped in oil, Deeplakshmi is a symbol of good luck and prosperity, and the light that guides one in times of darkness and adversity.

The sculpture measures: 
Height 30 cm x Depth 13 cm . 

The base measures 10 cm x 6 cm 

Weight 2.10 Kilograms


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