Vintage Brass Gange Arti | Prayer Lamp With 13 Diyas & Nandi Bull - Ht 13 cm x L 35 cm x Dia 13 cm

From our Vintage Collection - Inspired by the famous Maha Gange Aarti ceremony of Varanasi, this is a magnificent hand held Arti | Prayer lamp with 13 diyas and the Nandi bull as the central figure,  handcrafted with long curved handle by skilled Indian artisans from the South of India in excellent quality brass. 

With 13 oil diyas or lamps, the lamp is protected by the exquisitely crafted Nandi bull in providing it its beauty and grace.

The Nandi bull is the Vahana or vehicle of Lord shiva. Every Shaivite temple has the figure of the white humped bull reclining on a raised platform and facing the entrance door of the shrine so that according to tradition he may perpetually gaze on the lord in his symbolic form, the lingam.

Measures: Length 35 cm x Height 13 cm x Diameter 13 cm  

Weight: 1.05 kilograms 


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