Majestic Brass Bust of Gangaur Gauri - Indian Goddess of Fertility, Love & Devotion . H 28 cm x W 24 cm x D 14 cm

Magnificent bust | face of Indian Goddess Gauri or Paravati handcrafted in brass with a burnished gold and a rich brown patina by master craftsman showing off the intricate details of her fine jewellery.

Gauri is the goddess of love, fertility and sacrifice and holds great significance during the famous Gangaur festival celebrated soon after Holi - the festival of colors with great enthusiasm and affection for Gauri, the consort of Lord Shiva.

While married women worship Gauri, the embodiment of perfection and marital love for the success of their married life, unmarried women worship the Goddess for being blessed with good husband.

Gangaur Festival also celebrates marital fidelity, monsoon, and Harvest. The word ‘Gangaur’ is literally made up of two words, ‘Gana’ and ‘Gaur’. ‘Gana’ is identical with Lord Shiva and ‘Gaur’ which stands for Gauri or Parvati symbolizes Saubhagya (marital bliss). Gauri is the image of brilliance and marital love.

Along with Lakshmi - goddess of wealth and prosperity and Saraswati - goddess of knowledge and learning, Gauri or Parvati forms the trinity of Hindu goddesses.

Height 28 cm x width 24 cm with a depth of 14 cm.

Weight: 5.15 Kilograms

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