Magnificent Terracotta Wall Hanging of Surya Devta | Sun God . Diameter 25 cm.

Magnificent Terracotta plaque of the Sun God or Surya Devta handcrafted with fine clay and hand painted in rich earthy tones.

The oldest surviving Vedic hymns of the Rigveda mention Sūrya with particular reverence for the "rising sun” and its symbolism as dispeller of darkness, one who empowers knowledge, the good and all life.

Surya also appears with Agni - The god of fire and is revered for the Day while Agni is revered for the night.

The Vedas assert Sun or Surya to be the creator of the material universe and in the layers of Vedic texts, Surya is one of the several trinities along with Agni and even Vayu or Indra, presented as an equivalent icon and aspect of the Hindu metaphysical concept called the Brahman.

The terracotta wall hanging of the sun god measures 25 cm in diameter.
Weight: 750 Grams

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