The Green Kavaad. Wooden 500 Year Old Art of Storytelling With Hand Painted Tales from The Ramayan. H 30cm x W10cm x D17cm

This exclusive 12 inch or 30 cm tall "Kawad", handpainted in vibrant colours of Lime green and yellow is an amazing folded wooden Hindu mythology history book whose origin is more than 500 years old.

Each hinged panel and door displays colourful hand painted pictures and intricate motifs illustrating the story of the great epic of Lord Krishna, Ram and Sita from the Ramayan.

These portable hindu mythology "Kavaads" are hand crafted by artisans of Rajasthan in mango wood following a 500 year old tradition and then painted with vegetable dyes.

The story is hand drawn and painted with a fine brush by master storytellers called "Kawariya bhats" who originally travelled from village to village chanting the tales of Mahabharata and Ramayan and used these as a mini theatre for story telling.

Each kawad had a bottom drawer which was used to collect donation from the village folks once the story teller was finished with his storytelling.

Size: Height 30 cm x Depth 17cm ( when closed) x width 10 cm ( when closed)

Total Length when all doors are open: 50 cm

Weight: 1.2 kilograms

Colours: Green , yellow, red and white

Care: The mango wood is soft so please be careful while opening / folding back the doors. Best is to keep on display with doors open.

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