Brass Yogasana Lady Lamp In Vrishchikasana Posture. Length 107 cm x Dia 18 cm

Exquisite heavy brass lamp sculpted with a figure of a woman in a Vrishchikasana yoga pose also known as the scorpion pose, over a round oil and wick lamp with grooves. 

Finished with an exquisite gold and dark brown patina, the lamp has been handcrafted with a swivel action on a flexible hinge by artisans from the South of India depicting the Vrishchikasana pose - The name comes from the Sanskrit words vṛkṣa meaning "tree" and āsana meaning "posture".


Length with chain 107 cm / Length of chain: 83 cm 

Length of lady : 16 cm 

Diameter of the round diya with grooves: 18 cm 

Weight: 3.10 kilograms 



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