Asthalakshmi - The Eight Manifestations of Lakshmi Goddess of Wealth Handcrafted In Brass. Ht 13 cm

Asthalakshmi - Discover the 8 divine manifestations of Goddess Lakshmi with these exquisite handcrafted brass sculptures where each piece represents one of the eight forms of the Hindu goddess, worshipped for wealth and prosperity. 

Crafted with love and care by skilled artisans from the South of India, these Ashtalakshmi sculptures showcase the unique nature and essence of each goddess. From good health and prosperity to knowledge and wisdom, worship each manifestation will fulfil your desires and needs. 

Bring home the blessings of Adi Lakshmi for good health, Dhana Lakshmi for wealth, Dhanya Lakshmi for agricultural abundance, Gaja Lakshmi for good luck, Santana Lakshmi for children, Veera Lakshmi for courage, Vijaya Lakshmi for success, and Vidya Lakshmi for wisdom. ✨


Each sculpture measures: Height 14 cm x Length 10 cm

The sculpture with twin elephants measures 16 cm in Length.

Weight of all 8 sculptures: 8.5 kilograms


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