'Dashavatar' - Ten Incarnations Of Vishnu - Creator Of The Universe. Ht 15 cm x W 5.5 cm

Discover the Divine!
Step into the world of Indian mythology and artistry with this exquisite collection known as "Dashavatar".

Handcrafted in brass by skilled artisans from Tamil Nadu, South India, they depict the ten primary incarnations of Lord Vishnu, the Creator of the Universe, as per Hindu mythology.

About Dashavatar:
The term "Dashavatara" derives from "Das," meaning "Ten," and "Avatar (avatara)," meaning "incarnation." It signifies the mythological story of the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu who descend to the terrestrial world to establish stability, order, and balance, time and again. These divine incarnations play a vital role in Hindu mythology and are revered for their significance.

The Ten Avatars are:
Krishna | Matsya | Kurma | Varaha | Narasimha
Vamana |Parashurama | Sri Rama | Balarama | Kalki

Each idol measures: Height 15 cm x Width 5.5 cm
Weight of all 10 idols : 4.50 Kilograms

Explore the timeless beauty and spiritual significance of these handcrafted treasures and bring home a piece of Indian Heritage today!

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