Pair Of Divine Vintage Lamps or Deepam of Devi Kamakshi - Goddess of Knowledge & Prosperity. Height 12 cm x Length 10 cm

Hand crafted pair of Vintage "Kamatchi Vilakkus" - Divine brass lamps with the figure of Goddess or Devi Kamakshi engraved on the lamp and found in most Indian households with elephants and exquisite floral motifs.

The "Deepam"or the light of the lamp denotes and illuminates knowledge and eradicates the darkness and the ignorance in us. 

In Hindu culture, lighting of a lamp is very significant as considered an auspicious part of the Panchaloha, or the five-metals, an alloy of sacred significance and widely used for making Hindu temple idols.

Measures: Height 12 cm  X Width 8 cm  X Length 10 cm

Weight: 450 grams

Note: The lamp is lit as a tradition with a wick made of cotton dipped in oil kept in the well of the lamp.

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