Captivating Terracotta Fun Figures Of Indian Priest & His Wife On Swings - Ht 35 cm x W 13 cm x D 15 cm

Fall in love with these fun figures of an Indian priest (panditji) and his wife ( the panditayini ) on swings handcrafted in Terracotta and handpainted in the most vibrant colours by artisans from Maharashtra.

These exquisite figures of the pandit painted in the traditional white and red dhoti with a tilak on his forehead and the wife ( panditayini ) painted in a red floral sari and a green top, reflect the simplicity of the couple displaying the expression of sheer delight on their swings.

The figures are moulded in mud ( chikni mitti), baked and then hand painted. The swing seat is crafted from pine wood and suspended with a thick rope.

Height including figure, swing and rope is  35 cm . Width 13 cm x Depth 15 cm

Weight of both figures: 1.2 kilograms

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