Majestic Handcrafted Brass Plaque of Hindu Diety Hanuman & A 7 Hooded Cobra - Height 29 cm x Dia 23.5 cm

This is a majestic 29 cm tall ( without chain ) hanging brass plaque with the central figure of Hanuman, the celestial monkey army chief and follower of Lord Rama crafted with the 7 hooded cobra, twin peacocks and an exquisite floral border around the plaque.

The plaque recalls an episode from the Indian epic Ramayana when Hanuman flew through the air to bring flesh-healing, medicinal herbs (Sanjivani Buti) to the wounded Rama and his army. (The leafy herbs can be seen in Hanuman’s left hand and rising from his waist.) The small figure below Hanuman’s feet is the demon about to be trampled.

Often worn as amulets because of their protective properties, the smaller medallion-like pectoral plaques were normally worn by ascetic devotees of Hanuman in Maharashtra, Western India.

The outer frame of the brass plaque serves as a circular mandala and represents stylised flames (prabhavala). At the top of the plaque is the 7 hooded cobra which hovers over Hanuman’s image to protect it. 


Height 29 cm and 46 cm with the chain.

Diameter 23.5 cm
Weight: 1.950 kilograms 

Note: Please contact me for combined shipping if you are ordering more than one item. 

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