Kalamkari Style Leather Lampshade With Mythological Figures In Ochre Yellow. Height 44 cm

This is a beautiful cylindrical shaped leather lamp mounted on  metal stand, hand painted with Indian Motifs and mythological figures from the Mahabharat in earthy Ochre yellow colours on a white background.

Mounted on a wrought iron frame, the lamp is a work of brilliant leather artistry by the tribal women of Anantpur village in Andhra Pradesh following century old traditions.

Handcrafted from goats skin, these traditional lamps representing Indian mythological figures and Lord Krishna are hand drawn and then painted with vibrant organic dyes and colours making such lampshades, an elegant work of craftsmanship.

The roots of this leather craft lie in the traditional “Chayya Natak” or shadow play and is a performing art where projection of shadows were created with puppets that played with light behind the "shadow puppets".

These lamps, painted with vegetable dyes with stylisation similar to Kalamkari paintings are made from goat- skin, which after being cured and dried, are made translucent. The perforation on the coloured leather gives appearance of rich ornamentation against the background of light and bring the figures to life.

Colour: ochre yellow, black and white


Height 44 cm x Diameter of base measures 19 cm and 10 cm at the top.

Weight 700 grams

Note: Use it as a table lamp or standing lamp by using a bulb of not more than 40 watts for best illumination and to bring the design to life through the tiny perforations on the shade.


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