Lord Ganesha Dancing on Kaliya, The 5 Headed Serpent - Ht 26 cm x W 11 cm

Exquisite sculpture of Lord Ganesh as he dances upon the five headed serpent as if he is as light as a feather while playing his favourite musical instrument - The Veena and holding the tail in his left hand.

As per hindu mythology, Kaaliya, a terror to the residents and cattle of Vrindavana, a village on the banks of Yamuna in North India, a time when Lord Vishnu had incarnated on earth as Krishna and was residing in Vrindavana as the child of Yashoda and Nanda.

Once, while playing with friends Krishna jumped in Yamuna on a pretext but really for the purpose of ridding Yamuna’s waters of Kaliya.

Kaliya was enraged at Krishna’s daring and attempted to bite him but instead each time Krishna would mount and dance on it hurting Kaliya with his dance-steps, hence called Kaliya Nartana of Krishna. Finally Kaliya realized that Krishna was none other than the supreme Vishnu, he humbly begged for forgiveness. Krishna forgave him on the condition that he would leave Yamuna and reside in the ocean.

Measures: Height 26 cm x Width 11 cm . 

The square pedestal measures 7 cm x 7 cm 

Weight: 1.60 Kilograms