Majestic Brass Oil Lamp Of Goddess Lakshmi Crafted With Twin Peacocks. Height 34 cm x Width 22 cm X Depth 17 cm

Majestic 34 cm tall oil lamp with Lakshmi - Goddesss of wealth and prosperity.

Mounted above a large diya | oil lamp upon an ornate pedestal, the lamp is enhanced by exquisite peacocks on either side, handcrafted by artisans from the South of india, 

    The lighting of the "Deepam"or lamp / Diya denotes and illuminates knowledge and eradicates the darkness and the ignorance in us. In Hindu culture, lighting of a lamp is also considered an auspicious part of the Pancha loha, or the five-metals, an alloy of sacred significance and widely used for making Hindu temple idols.

    Measures : . Height 34 cm x Width 22 cm X Depth 17 cm

    Diameter of the diya is 20 cm

    Weight : 5.15 Kilograms

    Use: Pour oil into the large base and light the lamp using cotton wicks.

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