Vintage Wood Sculpture Of Lord Shiva And Parvati. Ht 32 cm x W 17 cm x D 5 cm

Exquisite sculpture of Lord Shiva and Parvati in an exquisite dancing posture carved from a single block of local rain tree wood, handcrafted with a dark brown finish by artisans from the South of India.

Shiva – shown in the Abhaya Mudra or Fear Not hand position is believed to be the destroyer of all evils is shown in the form of a divine dancer along with Parvati and signifies putting an end to an exhausted world and showing the creation of a new world by the Lord Brahma, first god responsible for the creation of the universe.

In Hinduism, one of the most important goddesses is Gauri, also known as Parvati and is the wife of lord Shiva, the goddess of fertility, love and devotion as well as of divine strength and power. She is the gentle and nurturing aspect of the Hindu goddess Shakti and one of the central deities of the Goddess-oriented Shakta sect.

This sculpture of Shiva and Parvati measures:

Height 32 cm x Width 17 cm x Depth 5 cm

Weight: 750 Grams