Tortoise Shaped Brass Kurma Aarthi For Daily Prayers. Length 24 cm x Width 11 cm

An exquisite tortoise-shaped brass diya | Aarthi traditionally know as the Kurma Arathi found in most south India homes and temples for offering daily prayers and used during  special ceremonies, festivals and rituals.

As per hindu mythology, Koorma, the second Avatar of Lord Vishnu, emerged during the churning of the cosmic ocean to support the mountain on its back. 

The turtle (or tortoise) is considered to be a sacred animal for Hindus and represents the Kurma Avatar or Bedawang Nala / Badavannala (God Vishnu's incarnation as a giant turtle supporting the world) and hence, the sea turtles are valued as sustainers of life on earth.

Length: 24 cm x Width 11 cm 

Weight : 400 Grams 

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