Majestic Nandi Bull | Cow Head Handcrafted In Natural Wood. Ht 44 cm x W 7 cm x D 7 cm

Majestic Head of the Nandi bull handcrafted in natural wood by artisans from Gods own country - Kerala. South of India 

The exquisite bull heads, normally hand painted in vibrant colours are handcrafted from a single piece of wood. 

Inspired by the renowned Oachira Cattle Festival in Kerala, these ceremonial sculptures are traditionally used on the front of hundreds of chariots paraded around the temple during the festival.

As per Hindu mythology, the Nandi or the bull is the vehicle of Hindu god - Lord Shiva, the bearer of truth and righteousness. God of skies & destruction, Shiva with Nandi is one of the oldest forms of Hindu representation - dating before 3000 BC.

Today, the bull is considered a symbol of Hinduism and the Nandi symbolises purity, as well as justice, faith, wisdom, virility and honour. 

This wall hanging measures : 
Height 44 cm and 25 cm wide - ear to ear ( ears are removable )

The head measures 7 cm in width and depth .

Weight: 850 Grams. 

Disclaimer: Please be informed that these Nandi heads are hand crafted and slight irregularities, variations colours may be found which are intrinsic characteristics of such handmade crafts.


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