Pair of Brass Sangu Chakara Vishnu Oil Lamps from South India. Ht 11 cm x Dia 5.5 cm

Traditional hand crafted brass diyas with Shankh & Chakra, also known as Perumal Sangu Chakara lamps signifying purity, goodness, good luck and power. 

Used in the Vishnu temples and homes in South India since centuries by worshippers belonging to Vaishnavism religion and followers of Lord Vishnu, the symbols on the lamps of the Shankh or Conch and Chakra - The divine wheel of power, symbolic of Lord Vishnu's Power & Divinity.

Bringing calm and peace where ever they are placed at home or temple repelling negative energy and attracting positive vibes, these lamps are lit using cotton wicks dipped in oil by the head of the house during prayers.

Measures: Height 11 cm x Diameter 5.5 cm
Weight of 2 lamps: 650 grams

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