Majestic Set Of Brass Chowki | Stool With Elephant Legs & Brass Urli - Chowki 23 cm Dia x 22 cm | Urli 24 cm Dia

An exquisite combination of a majestic brass Chowki from the South of india delicately handcut and engraved with traditional Indian floral motifs supported on 3 legs in the shape and form of beautifully crafted triple elephant heads with ears , tusks and elephant feet along with a handcrafted brass Urli measuring 24 cm in diameter. 

Found in royal households and affluent Hindu homes, such chowkis were used as a base for keeping Urlis or statues of Gods at the entrance of the home. 

The Uruli has always been the traditional cookware extensively used in South India and has been derived from the Tamil word "Urulai" [உருளை] which means a round bowl used for cooking and in Ayurvedha to make medicines.

Now brass Urulis or Urlis are used as a decorative bowls to float flowers with candles during festivals and special occasions.

Chowki: Measures:  23 cm in diameter with a height of 22 cm. Distance between each of the 3 legs is 30 cm.

Weight of Chowki : 5.1 kilograms 

The Urli: Measures: Dia 24 cm x Height 8 cm. Weight: 2.70 kilograms

Total weight of both items: 7.8 Kilograms 

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