Traditional Brass Chappati Dabba | Bread Box From Northern India - Dia 23 cm x Ht 14 cms

Traditional vintage brass bread / roti dabba with delicately hand engraved floral motifs on the lid and a flower shaped handle with a pull, handcrafted by skilled artisans from Northern India.

The Indian bread box or Roti dabba as is popularly known, has been used for decades to keep the freshly baked home made round fluffy Chapatis or rotis made of wheat flour bread for the main meal and passed around by the women folk of the house from this box.

Engraved with intricate designs on the lid which has a carved floral design handle and a latch in front for opening or closing the box and for safekeeping.

Measures: Diameter 23 cm  x Height 14 cm 

Weight: 1.20 Kilograms.