Tibetan Copper Incense Burner With Handle And Hammered Finish - Ht 20 cm x Dia 15 cm

Traditional ritual copper incense burner used for Sang offerings as per the Tibetan tradition. Sang is a mild yet full of aroma Incense made of Juniper and many other mountain herbs and tree barks.

Smoke escapes through the beautifully crafted round perforated lid from the incense kept in a small bowl inside the burner. 

Hand Crafted with a hammered finish and a round handle, the incense burner has a small bowl inside to light the incense like the cone incense, powders, resins, cubes, herbs or charcoal. 

Measures: Height 20 cm with handle and 12 cm without x Diameter 15 cm. The mouth opening measures 11 cm. 

The bowl inside the burner has a diameter of 9.5 cm. 

Weight: 600 Grams

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