Vintage Brass Flower Vase| Vessel, Traditionally Used As A Spittoon - Height 18 x Diameter 16 cm

Exquisite 18 cm tall vessel handcrafted by artisans from the North of India displaying a beautiful, sculptural form typical of the 18th century traditionally used as a spittoon, a receptacle made for users who chew Paan ( Bettle leaves) and tobacco. 

It sits on a low, flared ring foot and has a wide, concave mouth. The foot, shoulder and rim (both the interior and exterior) are crafted with fine, concentric circles.

Such spittoons were used in conjunction with chewing betel or paan, the chewing of which produced much red-stained saliva which was best expelled from the mouth. Often they can be seen in early Mughal paintings, beside seated princely rulers, along with other accouterments associating with the taking of paan.

Such spittoons sat on a table or on a floor rug where the user was sitting, and were designed to be held in the hand when used.

Now used by urbanites as an art deco item or vase and kept at a prominent place in the house with fresh flowers.

Size: Height 18 cm x Diameter of mouth 16 cm.

Weight:1.10 Kilograms

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