Brass Chowki | Stool With 6 Oil lamps & Ghungroos - Dia 17 cm x Ht 12 cm

Exquisite brass chowki / pedestal handcrafted by artisans from the South of india with traditional Indian motifs made even more exquisite with 6 beautifully crafted worshippers on each leg of the chowki holding foldable brass oil lamps and the underside of each panel decorated with small brass bells called Ghungroos

Found in royal households and affluent Hindu homes, such chowkis were and are used as a base for keeping statues and idols of Gods or for keeping home art deco items. 

The chowki measures 17 cm in diameter with a height of 12 cm. 

Weight of Chowki : 2.55 kilograms