Vintage Brass Temple Frame or Prabhavali With Twin Peacocks & Lord Ganesha - 40 cm x 26 cm

Mounted inside a gold vintage finish frame on vibrant pink raw silk and handcrafted in brass , this style of vintage temple frames are seen often sculpted as the pillars of South Indian temples enhanced with a pair of exquisite peacocks delicately crafted on top of the frame signifying grace and beauty.

A small brass figure of the most popular and famous Indian God, Lord Ganesha known as  the God of Wisdom, knowledge and prosperity is placed inside the temple frame for worship by his followers and worshippers. 

Weighing 1100 Grams, the prabhavali is a collectors item. Use as a wall hanging to highlight  this exquisite temple frame.

Measures: Gold Frame Length 40 cm x 26  cm wide 

Finish: Natural Brass finish on vibrant pink raw silk inside a polystyrene synthetic frame