Magnificent Brass Sculpture of Kana Drishta Ganapathi - Height 29 cm x Width 18 cm

This magnificent brass sculpture of Lord Ganesha with the majestic Lion as his vahan is called the "Kana Drishta Ganapathi" and is the form of God believed to have been instituted by Sage Agastyar to ward of evil and is the 33rd one of his incarnations.

This wonderful representation of Ganesha depicts him with 8 arms each holding a weapon or spiritual device with the lion behind as his vehicle and his traditional vahan - The Mouse.

The exquisite and unique chakra or halo surrounding Ganesha displays an inner circle of cobra snakes, the middle layer of fire and the outer circle of 51 eyes. 

Standing in his cosmos grandeur on a fully blossomed Lotus, his 8 arms hold the knife, chakra, elephant goad, noose, conche, club , fire or agni and his right front palm in the Abhay mudra posture. 

As per hindu mythology, it only this almighty Drishti Ganapati that can kill the demon of the evil eyes and bring about well being and prosperity to the world.


Height 29 cm x Width 18 cm. Diameter of the round lotus pedestal is 11 cm 

Weight: 3.75 Kilograms


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