Set of 4 Handcrafted Wooden Hamsa Tea Light Holders - The Lucky Hand & Symbol of Good Luck, L 10 cm x W 10 cm X Ht 2 cm

Craft so beautiful - We just had to make tea light holders of them!

This is a set of 4 Hamsa or traditionally known has the Hand of Marium as tea light holders handmade and beautifully engraved with floral motifs in natural brown wood.

The Hamsa as per tradition is the Lucky hand and the symbol of good luck for all.

Originating around a 1000 years ago in the Far East and to India, The Hand represents the protective Hand of God and hence is also known as the Hand of Mariam and is believed to provide positive energy, happiness, riches and health to anyone displaying it besides bringing the owner luck, love and protection from evil.

Measures: Length 12.5 cm x Width 9 cm x Height 2.5 cm
Weight: 550 Grams for all 4 candle holders.

Note: The tea light holders come with one tea light each.

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