Vintage Brass Food Serving Vessel From South India, L 24 x Ht 18 x W 17 cm, Brass Flower Vase

Vintage brass food serving vessel with a unique handle, handcrafted by artisans from the South of India. 

Found in most households, the vessel has a short pointed neck for ease in serving sambhar and curries and is crafted with a unique handle with a copper finish.

Such vessels have an old history in southern India and infact several fragments of such earthenware were collected from the excavations that revealed similar shaped spouted vessels.

This brass vessel is traditionally used for pouring sambhar or liquids during meals when served to large families especially during special occasions and festivals where meals are served on banana leaves.

In modern times, often used for flowers and table decor.
A collectors item indeed!

Length 24 cm x Height 18 cm x Width 17 cm 
Weight: 1 Kilogram

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