Vintage Brass Sculpture of Balakrishna or Divine Child Krishna . Length 20 cm x Ht 14 cm x W 15 cm

From our vintage collection: An exquisite brass sculpture with a splendid gold and bronze patina of the hindu god Krishna as a crawling infant also known fondly as 'Balakrishna' and considered  to be the most loved avatar of Lord Vishnu and the masses. 

Balakrishna - literally meaning the child krishna sometimes translated as divine child krishna is historically one of the early forms of worship of Krishnaism. 

In this sculpture, the hindu deity form hails from the ancient Vijaynagar period and shows krishna holding a ripe mango in his right hand instead of the conventional butter depicting a traditional south indian form. 

He is naked other than his head dress, a chest and a waist band, intricately engraved necklace and earrings with the head dress being unique to Tamil Nadu and of the type that forms the part of a Kathakali dancers of south India. 

A collectors items indeed!

Measures: Length 20 cm x Height 14 cm x Width 15 cm.

Weight : 2 kilograms 


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