Vintage Statue Of Buddhist God - Avalokiteshvara. Height 49 cm x Width 30 cm.

Avalokitesvara - The Bodhisattva who embodies the compassion of all Buddhas. 

The bodhisattva is variably depicted, described and portrayed in different cultures as either male or female. Known as Chenrezik in Tibet and as the Avloketesvar in Cambodia. In Chinese Buddhism, Avalokiteśvara has evolved into the somewhat different female figure Guanyin, also known in Japan as Kanzeon or Kannon. I

Avalokitesvara, "One who looks with unwavering eye," is the most revered of all Bodhisattva, embodying the compassion of all Buddhas. 

The Avalokiteshwara, one of Amitabha's attendants, is the one who observes and hears the devotees' cries. The eleven heads were to assist him in observing an infinite number of worshippers. He also received a thousand hands to support them.

Handcrafted in brass with a rich green patina finish, this sculpture stands as a testament to compassion and enlightenment and serves as a profound reminder of the boundless compassion and the potential for enlightenment within all sentient beings.

Height 47 cm x Width 25 cm 

The base measures: 15 cm x 13 cm

Weight: 4.55 kilograms


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