Vintage Wood Carving Of Kali - Goddess of War, Change, Creation, Destruction & Power. Height 48 cm x Width 20 cm

Vintage wooden sculpture of Goddess Kali, handcrafted from a single block of wood and finished with an exquisite rich copper patina with a distressed finish by skilled artisans from South India.

Kali, also referred to as Mahakali, Bhadrakali and Kalika, is a Hindu goddess who is considered to be the goddess of ultimate power, time, destruction and change in Shaktisim. 

In this tradition, she is considered as a ferocious form of goddess Adi Shakti, the supreme of all powers, or the ultimate reality and is the first of the ten Mahavidyas in the Hindu tantric tradition.

Mounted on a wrought iron stand, this wood carving is collectors item.

Height with stand : 48 cm / Height without stand 36 cm 

Width 20 cm x Depth 9 cm

Weight: 3.55 Kilograms

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