Exquisite Brass Pallanghuzi Board Mind Game With 14 Pits Handcrafted In South Of India - L 14 x W 7.5 x H 4.5 Inches

This magnificent board game handcrafted in excellent quality brass with delicate engravings and 14 pits is traditionally known as Pallanghuzi or Pallankuli  - An ancient Tamil Mancala mind game played especially in Tamil Nadu and which later spread to other parts of south India as far as Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

This rare Pallanguzhi board game, handcrafted by skilled artisans from the south of India is delicately engraved with traditional motifs and enhanced with small brass bells called ghungroos and wheels. 

Craftedwith 14 round hollow pits and from where the name has been derived - Pathinaalam Kuzhi with 7 pits on each players side is traditionally played by 2 players with cowry shells, seeds or small pebbles used as counters. 

This game is popular among the kids and old people and was encouraged for the kids to learn to count, to improve eye–hand coordination and concentration while playing. And for the older people of the house, to spend time in the company of the young members of the family.

A collectors item indeed !

Measures: Length 36 cm x wide 19 cm  x Height 12 cm  

Weight: 7.6 kilograms 

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